3lb Lobster - pic by Michael N. on Yelp - Salt Cellar Restaurant near Alexan Scottsdale

Salt Cellar Restaurant near Alexan Scottsdale

Scottsdale is famous as a vacation spot known for upscale dining, shopping, and entertainment. Locals know this and where the best places are for unexpected treats, like Salt Cellar Restaurant near Alexan Scottsdale. Become one of the locals when you move to Alexan Scottsdale and discover how well high-end luxury apartment living suits you. Don’t wait any longer to live the lifestyle you deserve.

Salt Cellar Restaurant

Dinner at Salt Cellar Restaurant is unlike any other, with a menu that reaches every ocean. In their words, “A Valley landmark since 1971, the Salt Cellar Restaurant continues to reign atop the “Best Of Seafood” lists. The culinary adventure begins with its unique underground location. The Salt Cellar’s fresh fish and seafood selections will take you around the world; from Hawaii, Alaska, the Gulf of Mexico, Chesapeake Bay, Boston, Georges Bank and even New Zealand. The “market board” menu changes as Richard and chef Kurt Theleman secure different seasonal fish throughout the year.”

Upscale Dining near Alexan Scottsdale

Sandra D. shares“After seeing a Facebook post from a friend recommending The Salt Cellar, I decided to book a reservation. I am glad I did! Incredible ambiance, great service.. most importantly, exquisite food. Our bill was a little over $200.00 for a party of 4. I truly believe the prices are reasonable for a meal of this caliber.” Mike B. adds, “This place has been around for a LONG time in the Valley. Glad to say that it has held up well! Four of us were there for dinner, and all of our meals were great. I enjoyed the soft shell crab!”

Local Eats

Incredible seafood is only one of the many cuisines offered in Scottsdale. Once you move to Alexan Scottsdale, you quickly discover your new city is a proving ground for cutting-edge menus and dining concepts. So what will you try on your first night in your new luxury apartment at Alexan Scottsdale? You have plenty of choices, so gather your friends and go wherever the adventure leads you.

Enjoy dinner at Salt Cellar Restaurant near Alexan Scottsdale to celebrate your move into the lifestyle you deserve. Schedule your tour and find your perfect home today!