Scottsdale Apartments

One-of-a-Kind Comfort Zones in Our Scottsdale Apartments

The best homes are a reflection of ourselves, and our luxury Scottsdale apartments at Alexan Scottsdale aspire to be the best homes for any resident. It’s why we fill each of our models with high class amenities that mold with multiple lifestyles. Whether you’re a neat and sociable businessperson or a creative-minded artist. 

Beautiful Scottsdale Apartments Décor

For starters, all our luxury apartments feature fantastic interior design. Every home has ceilings at least nine feet tall, leaving more space on your walls for your favorite film poster or wedding photos or more room to stretch in the mornings. We also have wood-vinyl plank flooring installed in the living and dining areas that match with nearly any décor scheme.

Kitchens for Any Meal

It doesn’t matter if you’re cooking for two or for twenty, for our contemporary kitchens have all you need to make culinary masterpieces. Our modern stainless-steel appliances, for example, let you bake, sauté, fry, or chill your ingredients to perfection, while our custom cabinetry makes it easy to organize your cookware and spices. 

Relax Inside and Out

Finally, find tranquility from anywhere in our luxury apartments. If the weather allows it, our private patios and balconies make for the perfect afternoon or evening escape. Otherwise, our Wi-Fi enabled ecobee3 smart thermostats keep your comfort zone at the perfect temperature even while you’re away.

Find your own personalized paradise here at Alexan Scottsdale. Come and see our luxury Scottsdale apartments for yourself.