Go Wild at the Phoenix Zoo

Go Wild at the Phoenix Zoo

Go wild at the Phoenix Zoo as soon as you move to Alexan Scottsdale. With fun for kids of all ages, the zoo gives you relief from the urban jungle and a chance to learn something new. One of the perks of moving to Alexan Scottsdale is making your list of go-to weekend spots for fun, shopping, upscale dining, and culture. So go wherever the adventure takes you. The fun begins at Alexan Scottsdale.

The Phoenix Zoo

Just three miles south of our luxury apartments, the Phoenix Zoo is one of the city’s top destinations, thanks to its incredible animal displays and the care put toward your touring experience. If you ever find yourself free in the morning, drive to their parking lot in seven minutes, or save on gas by taking the bus from the handy nearby stop. Bring your favorite camera or add a few snaps to your feeds on your safari.

See the Animals

Today, the Phoenix Zoo hosts nearly 400 species of animals from around the globe, including several that are threatened or endangered. Of course, you’ll see your favorites, like Asian elephants, African lions, and sloths. Other special species include Orangutans and Komodo dragons. But there is also local wildlife like an Arizona species of coyote and eagle.

Special Events to Elevate Your Visit

On top of general admission, you can easily sign up for any of their yearly attractions and events. Bidders for Critters, for example, is an exciting auction event where you can find unique collectibles and artwork, with proceeds benefitting wildlife care and conservation research. There are also special features like seasonal displays. Visit Dinosaurs in the Desert or Zoo Lights around the holidays and remember how pure fun can feel.

Go wild at the Phoenix Zoo once you move to Alexan Scottsdale. Remember, adventure is never far away, so dive right in!