DeFalco's Italian Deli near Alexan Scottsdale

DeFalco’s Italian Deli near Alexan Scottsdale

Celebrate your first night in your new luxury apartment with a meal at DeFalco’s Italian Deli near Alexan Scottsdale. Your next chance at the lifestyle you deserve will be pre-leasing soon. So why not get acquainted with all the local favorites? Not only can you get great food at DeFalco’s, but also premium ingredients so you can make the most of your new gourmet kitchen.

DeFalco’s Italian Deli & Grocery

Everyone loves a good story. DeFalco’s tells it best, “The first DeFalco’s Italian Deli and Grocery opened in Phoenix in 1972. We started in Arizona at the Wagon Wheel Shopping Center on the corner of 44th St and Thomas Rd, and we were there until 1984 before moving to a larger location at 68th St and Thomas, where we remained until 2001. Geraldo (Jerry) and his wife Judith DeFalco have continued the legacy of John and Dora, preserving the heritage and recipes still used today.”

Local Dining near Alexan Scottsdale

There’s also a long history with locals. Rio B. shares, “Best Italian deli in town! Best deli in the city! Best fried eggplant sandwich. Best cannolis in town. Napoleons to die for! This is The ONLY place I can find Giardiniera peppers in oil. I have been patronizing this place since I was seven years old before they even moved locations… Some of the same staff are still there! This place truly does bring a taste of the East Coast to the valley, and I’m not only talking about food taste; I’m talking about that warm eastern mentality from back home!” So what’s on your menu?

You Deserve the Best

When you finally make your move to Alexan Scottsdale, you get more than a fabulous luxury apartment. You also get a fantastic neighborhood with plenty of local flavors. Scottsdale is full of landmarks, and DeFalco’s Italian Deli is only one of them. So make your mark when you make your move.

Enjoy DeFalco’s Italian Deli near Alexan Scottsdale and plan your move into upscale living today! Pre-leasing soon, so don’t miss your chance at something extraordinary.