Chef's Burger special and Old Fashion cocktail to pair - Bitters Cocktail Bar & Food near Alexan Scottsdale

Bitters Cocktail Bar & Food near Alexan Scottsdale

Your new address has plenty of perks, like many nearby hotspots. Celebrate your move to a better lifestyle with eats and drinks at Bitters Cocktail Bar & Food near Alexan Scottsdale. Toast your good fortune and enjoy yourselves. You can always retreat to your comfortable luxury apartment to recharge and do it all again tomorrow. So don’t wait any longer.

Bitters Cocktail Bar & Food 

Find a rich and relaxed atmosphere at Bitters Cocktail Bar & Food. In their words, “Fresh ingredients with a local focus, we have something for everyone: salads, mac ‘n cheese, burgers, tacos, and more! We specialize in offering unique spirit selections, from craft small production to limited, hard to find! You tell us what you like, and we will do our best to find it. All our taps will be flowing with craft, micro-brews! And our wines will be unique, delicious, and craft-focused. Come enjoy some beers made here in your backyard, as well as our micro brew options from around the world that will be sure to impress the craft enthusiast in you all.”

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Richard Z. shares“The drinks! The drinks! The drinks are amazing here.

We didn’t just have cocktails. We had an entire experience—such a great time. Awesome menu. I got the smoked old fashioned, and the drip pour over style drink. I think I enjoyed watching him make the drink as much as I enjoyed drinking it.”

Friendly Vibes

Finding the fun you are looking for when you live at Alexan Scottsdale is easy. Whether you love lounging by the pool or finding the best brunch in town, you can do it all once you live here. So get the upgrade you deserve when you pick your favorite floorplan and start enjoying the good life. Life is better here.

Raise a toast at Bitters Cocktail Bar & Food near Alexan Scottsdale and celebrate your move into an elevated lifestyle. Schedule your tour today and make your move.