South Dakota Bison NY Strip - Atlas Bistro near Alexan Scottsdale

Atlas Bistro near Alexan Scottsdale

What will make it to the top of your go-to list once you make your move to Scottsdale? Start with Atlas Bistro near Alexan Scottsdale. Not only can you indulge in all the luxury at Alexan Scottsdale, but also the exquisite flavors of Atlas Bistro. Indulge yourself. 

Atlas Bistro 

From Atlas Bistro, “Local, organic, free range, wild caught, hand foraged and unique are some of the terms found on the atlas bistro menu. Award winning for over 19 years Atlas Bistro constantly has the best food in Arizona. Small Plates, Tasting Menus or Course Dining is the norm here. Grab your best bottle of wine or craft beer and enjoy Arizona’s premier BYOB.” Make this your destination dinner to celebrate your move to Alexan Scottsdale.

Local Dining near Alexan Scottsdale

AJ D. shares it best“The food here is outstanding. I was shocked to find this gem…a place where we’ve found a few truly exceptional meals. I appreciated the expertise we received choosing wine, and even with a $20 corkage fee per bottle (we bought two), the price was still much less than it would have been if the restaurant had supplied the wine. The foie gras was possibly the best I’ve ever had. Everything was perfect.”

Neighborhood Flavor

Go wherever the adventure leads you and create a unique dining out list. Whether celebrating with friends or breathing new life into date night, your Scottsdale neighborhood offers plenty of dining choices. When you aren’t exploring your favorite cuisines, you can still find entertainment and upscale retail options to enjoy. Life is better in Scottsdale.

Enjoy Atlas Bistro near Alexan Scottsdale and move into the lifestyle you deserve with a new luxury apartment. Make a change for the better today!